The founders

The Founders: Katrin Elsemann, Susanne Wilm, Maja Hebel and Catherine Daraspe
The founders: Katrin Elsemann, Susanne Wilm, Maja Hebel and Catherine Daraspe

Our own experiences have repeatedly shown that motivated and qualified refugees are constantly seeking opportunities to exercise their skills and contribute their full potential to German society. We are frustrated with German and European policies that isolate and repress refugees, and appalled at the xenophobic demonstrations that continue to make headlines. It is time for a solution that makes a statement!

Our team has more than 40 years of experience in international project management, with a focus on the social inclusion of disadvantaged and ostracised groups. We are well versed in the political and economic conditions that have forced so many refugees to leave their homes, and in the role that Western countries have played in contributing to this crisis. In our time living and travelling abroad, we have consistently felt welcomed into new communities: this hospitality is the inspiration for Hotel Utopia.

With guidance from magdas HOTEL in Vienna, which also employs refugees, we are convinced that Hotel Utopia will be a success in Berlin.

Prinzip Heimat e.V. was awarded the Act for Impact Prize 2015 by the Social Entrepreneurship Academy and Vodafone Stiftung. The prize included a €40,000 grant for the development of the hotel’s business plan.


Maja Hebel
Catherine Daraspe
Katrin Elsemann
Susanne Wilm

Prinzip Heimat is proud to have an amazing team of supporters and volunteers as well as a strong network of hotel and infrastructure experts who dedicate their time, energy and talents to making Hotel Utopia a reality.

The board members of Prinzip Heimat are Katrin Elsemann (chairperson) and Catherine Daraspe (treasurer).