Prinzip Heimat

Fifty million people around the world have been forced to flee their homes in the face of war, poverty and persecution. In 2015, Germany registered 1.1 million new arrivals. These individuals are united by their need for self-determination and a desire to regain control of their destinies. However, refugees in Germany are faced with daunting hurdles when it comes to accessing the job market and becoming active participants in society. We at Prinzip Heimat work to remove these barriers.

homePrinzip Heimat e.V. is committed to creating a welcoming environment for refugees in Germany and helping them establish a life of dignity and self-reliance through employment and vocational training. Sustainable employment is a critical factor for inclusion into society; however, many refugees encounter resentment, legal barriers and social isolation when trying to access the German job market.

Creating new opportunities
Hundreds of thousands of refugees arrive in Germany equipped with valuable professional skills. Too often, this potential is wasted as they wait on lengthy asylum application processes and struggle with structural and social barriers that make accessing the job market essentially impossible. This situation persists despite widespread recognition that Germany’s population is ageing and its workforce lacks skilled labour.

Without gainful employment and a sufficient income, refugees have few options to become self-sufficient and contribute to their fullest to society. The majority depend on social benefits, while some resort to illegal activities. And yet, bolstering human dignity and promoting economic growth could go hand-in-hand.

Hotel Utopia: Welcome to Germany!
Prinzip Heimat plans to confront these challenges head-on by offering vocational training and employment to people with refugee backgrounds at the future Hotel Utopia in Berlin. We believe that access to gainful employment is a critical factor in achieving self-reliance and becoming a fully active participant in society. The hotel will serve as a safe place where all people—staff and guests, visitors and Berliners—can come together, share their stories, break down prejudices, and experience the true meaning of diversity.

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